Responsive Design is a key component to take into account in the development of a website.

The way in which people enter the internet has changed over time, before most people did it from desktop computers, from their fixed places, today everything is mobile and in real time due to this the smartphones and had an explosive increase in the market, and along with this arose the need to be able to visualize our websites from all those mobile devices that increase every day.

What is responsive design?

Definition of responsive design

Responsive design is a technique in web design that focuses mainly on the perfect visualization of a website on different devices, from desktop PCs to cell phones.

Today we access the Internet from all types of mobile devices which obviously have different screen dimensions. This is where the need arises for our web page to be adapted to each and every one of these devices and can be viewed correctly.

Since it is known that those web pages that have not been developed under a respoinsive design generate a bad browsing experience for the user, who finally desists from entering the site.




What are the benefits of responsive design?

Advantages of responsive design today

The responsive design favors the user to view pages or websites from any device, accessing all the site information and being able to use the same functions as in a normal PC, all this gives the user an excellent experience in navigation.

The owners of the websites or virtual stores are also favored, since they can be visited by a greater number of potential clients since with the responsive design their web pages can be viewed from all the devices without losing the functions like the shopping cart or the online agendas.

Therefore responsive web design favors everyone, both users and the owners of websites, ie today responsive design is not something that can be ignored in the development of a website because without this component we are leaving outside the technological vanguard.

Why is responsive design so necessary for Google?

The importance of responsive design for google

For Google it is of the utmost importance that today the web pages that are created are developed under a responsive design since this ultimately results in the user’s browsing experience.

This is why Google recommends this type of design and is based on these 3 reasons:

-Facilita Indexing, This since it makes it easier for google robots to track information and content from a single URL

-Facilita SEO, This since it allows us to continue with the audience, the links and the positioning of the web page.

-Avoid the duplicity of the results, These since there is only one URL and one domain per web page.

In conclusion for google it is very important that web pages are developed under a responsive model as this improves the user experience which is one of the most important things for the giant google.

What makes our responsive design services unique?

Thanks to our long experience and experience in the digital market, in Inventiva we have developed and perfected a series of techniques and strategies, which make up the “secret formula” that has allowed us to achieve success in 100% of the responsive design works that we have made worldwide, managing to satisfy all our customers correctly.

Likewise, 95% of all the responsive design works that we have developed have been developed successfully and before the agreed deadline, generating greater satisfaction for our customers and exceeding their expectations.


Frequent Questions

1.- If I want my website to adapt and see correctly in all the devices, do i have to pay an additional price?

A: No, since all the designs and works made by inventiveness are configured in such a way that they can be visualized in all the mobile devices without paying an additional cost.

2.- How can i knowif my website has a responsive desing?

R: There is a Google tool called Mobile Friendly in which you can test yourself with your website, just enter the URL of the page to be consulted and the program will tell you clearly if your web page is configured with a responsive design.

3.- If my website does not have a respponsive desing, can i correct?

A: Yes, Our technical team has all the tools to improve and correct all kinds of errors that and / or elements are needed to properly configure your website.

Tell us about your Project 

Our team of experts in Marketing and Digital Strategies is fully trained with the latest techniques and tools that we have developed thanks to our long experience in the digital market. It is for this reason that in  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ we can guarantee that your website will be developed under a 100% responsive design, you can view your website on any device.


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¿Por qué elegir a  Inventiva Creative Studio™ para su siguiente proyecto?

 Inventiva Creative Studio™ no sólo es una de las agencias digitales de mayor renombre a nivel mundial (con sede central localizada en Sydney, Australia), sino además somos la única empresa especializada en Marketing Digital que le puede garantizar el desarrollo de su pagina web con un diseño responsive al 100%.

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En  Inventiva Creative Studio™nuestra intención es trabajar con su marca de manera transparente y corroborar nuestro trabajo con resultados tangibles, protegiendo de esta manera su inversión y a usted como consumidor.

Estrategias de diseño responsive de  Inventiva Creative Studio™

Pioneros en el desarrollo de paginas web responsive

 Inventiva Creative Studio™ es una de las agencias de marketing digital y desarrollo de páginas web más exitosas de Australia, lo cual nos ha permitido expandir nuestros servicios alrededor del mundo y extender nuestra experiencia en el desarrollo de paginas web con diseño responsive hacia todos nuestros clientes a nivel mundial. Desde nuestra diferentes oficinas a nivel mundial, somos capaces de incorporar nuestro conocimiento de los mercados locales con la tecnología de vanguardia desarrollada en nuestros laboratorios de desarrollo en Sydney.

Lo invitamos a unirse a nuestra red de clientes exitosos y tenga un aliado de clase mundial que le permitirá conquistar el mundo digital y llevar su marca y negocio a nuevos horizontes. En Inventiva Creative Studio™ estamos para servirle; por eso lo invitamos a descubrir el por qué miles de empresas exitosas prefieren nuestros servicios y productos. Permítanos mostrarle todo lo que el mundo digital del siglo 21 tiene para ofrecer y manténgase siempre un paso adelante de su competencia.

 Inventiva Creative Studio™ , su mejor aliado para desarrollar una pagina web responsive

Paginas web 100% compatibles con  dispositivos

Estamos orgullosos de ser la única agencia digital que se mantiene líder en la implementación de técnicas de diseño web responsive, siendo una de las únicas empresas a nivel mundial que está en la capacidad de garantizarle a nuestra destacada clientela el desarrollo de su pagina web 100% responsive para ser visualizada desde cualquier dispositivo.

No permita que la tecnologia lo deje atras, en Inventiva Creative Studio™ somos una empresa líder en el mercado digital a nivel mundial Respaldados por las innovaciones tecnológicas obtenidas por nuestro equipo de desarrollo en Sydney (Australia), le ofrecemos a todos nuestros clientes un servicio de calidad inigualable.

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